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Frequently Asked Questions
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What is a Patient Assistance Program?

Are the free drugs offered by the PAP generic medications?

What if my doctor prescribed generic medications?

What drugs are offered free on a PAP?

How and when will I receive the free medication?

What are the eligibility rules for enrolling in a PAP?

What does Med Advocates do for me?

What if I am denied enrollment by the PAP?

What are my responsibilities in the PAP process with Med Advocates?

What information does Med Advocates need to enroll me in a PAP?

What does Med Advocates need for income proof for PAP enrollment?

Is there a cost for Med Advocates service?

Does Med Advocates charge any extra fees or costs other than the monthly enrollment cost?

How and when do I pay Med Advocates for PAP management?

Can I terminate service with Med Advocates at any time?

What if I make a prepayment and I never receive medications?

Can I enroll in PAPs without Med Advocates?

What if I move?

How is my personal information protected?